Hatties View by Ellen Coffey

Today’s generation is addicted to entertainment and celebrities. Great movies still draw huge crowds and rake in big money. I suppose that’s one reason the Donald is still creating such a stir among the surviving Republican candidates as well as the other party. Let’s just say, Bush, Carlson and Hilary are tasteful Sushi, but Donald, the smokin’ hot celeb, is the Wasabi on Sushi. Like I said, we are a generation addicted to entertainment.


Speaking of entertainment, Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, is an epic space film, and Back to the Future II? Well, they are both coming soon, creating exciting expectation among both old and new fans. Expect to hear that profits from the Force epic will exceed a billion dollars. I’m sure that will be the case since the films budget was more than $200 Million!


I look back and think of a different kind of entertainment.


My old bones have seen a lot of action so I struggle to get going some mornings. But these are the bones in the legs that chased Grandmas chickens, road a Silver stick horse over miles of farm land, jumped rope for hours, peddled a bike for miles, skated on city streets and in roller rinks for hours on end. I guess they have been pretty good bones. That was entertainment in those days?


I think most kids, boys and girls alike, enjoyed playing Cowboys and Indians. We rode stick horses, named Silver, and Scout, wore western shirts, carried cap guns, in genuine leather holsters and wore Indian head bands. We shouted “Whoa, Silver” and “Tonto go, Kemo Sabe!” Our Indian bows and arrows were made by Grandpa Edgar. We drew lines in the sand and piled tree branches in tee-pee fashion to make an Indian Village.


You have to be pretty old if you remember coming indoors at 6 pm to listen to the Lone Ranger on the radio. There we often sat silently, our legs crossed Indian fashion, sometimes in our Cowboy or Indian duds, listening to the familiar music and words “Hi Ho Silver, the Lone Ranger rides again.”


Whether it’s Wasabi Donald or Kemo Sabe Tonto, it’s genuine entertainment huh, Y’all!