Hattie's View by Ellen Coffey

Hattie’s View
by Ellen Coffey

Hattie’s View: October Potpourri

By Ellen Coffey


“Do I know you?” a customer at Jiffy Lube asks.

“I don’t think we’ve met,” I answer. She thinks for a minute then asks “Are you Hattie?”

“Well, if you’re asking about the column, I am the writer, but my name is Ellen.”

“How then is it Hattie’s View?”

I laugh, “For new readers maybe an explanation is in order.”

Hattie Jane Tolbert was my wise, spiritual and very influential, country Grandma. What began as tribute to Hattie, for her effect on five generations, evolved through the years. But trust me! it’s still ‘Hattie’s view.’


October Is Here!

October means that Hubby Ben and I will pack up the pups and take a weekend road trip before the road to the Mountain Lodge closes.

“I love October,” I confess to Hubby.

l’m thinking of a potpourri of things that appear in October. For Folks in the country or on a farm, October means Harvest time! County festivals and fairs award blue ribbons for home canned fruits, veggies and fat pigs. Local October Potpourri events include the expected as well as surprises provided by churches and schools.

The greatest enjoyment I experience is the scenery provided by a Heavenly Hand. A huge harvest moon, Indian Corn, frosty Pumpkins, and trees showing off a rainbow of vivid yellow, bronze, gold, and orange leaves.

“Yep,” Hubby adds. “All we need is one really chilly night and we wake up to see the green leaves disappear.”

As the days grow shorter, trees start reducing chlorophyll production. As this process begins we see the beauty of assorted fall colors.

In our area October brings in the State Fair, USC Gamecock Football, and Pumpkin fields open to the public to pic and pay. Then there’s the seasonal return of the 1966 classic fictional animated story The Great Pumpkin. A Halloween Holiday Special originally created in the comic strip Peanuts.

For Charlie Brown, Linus and Sally, October means only Halloween and Halloween only means one thing

“The great pumpkin is flying over!”

“That’s something we can all enjoy” Hubby Ben teases “Watching for the great pumpkin.” Look up Y’all!