Hattie_250x200The current anxiety over Illegal Immigration continues to mount. Voters are concerned that our present pathway to citizenship is a joke; that our Border Agents have their hands tied behind their backs along the US Mexican border, and that bureaucratic bungling assists illegals to remain here without consequences. It has been a primary issue with voters in this election.

I recall my preacher Papa having anxiety over the same Illegal Immigration issues we face today. He spoke slowly, choosing his words carefully, “All the border agents in the world can’t stop the flood of Mexican border-jumpers. We may need to build a wall there. Besides that, we have no exit strategy for those who enter on temporary permits. There are many abuses, yet we continue to host folks who have entered with fraudulent passports and other bogus documents.”

Trying to string a safety net, I ask “But God will protect America, right?”  “Honey,” he answered. “I believe God helps those who help themselves.”

“I’m not trying to scare you,” Papa sighed. “But soon American born citizens won’t even be able to compete for jobs and God knows what else. I worry about your children and my grandchildren’s future. I can see the ‘hand writing on the wall!”

I dismissed the notion, of a wall, although I knew Papa kept a close eye on current events and I understood his world view and how he related world situations to the end time prophesies of the Bible.

As early as the 1980’s there was an attempt to pass immigration-reform legislation. But by Washington’s usual, right and left stand-offs, the entire bill was scuttled!

After having visited the notorious Berlin wall years earlier, Papa struggled with the moral issue of a wall. “Should we build a wall along the Mexican border before it gets worse?”

Here I am, in 2016, thinking, “Lordy, Lordy, my Papa was so right!”

Papa, concerned about the ever growing abuse of our visa entry system, warned against “Islamic Radical” activity, calling attention to the first World Trade center bombing.

As time would tell, the followers of an Egyptian cleric, Sheik Omar Abdel-Rahman, was charged with the first World Trade center bombing. Even though the Sheik’s green card had been revoked, and he was on a State Department watch list because of his alliances with Islamic radicals he continued to enter this country four more times.

So, you see illegal immigration has been a target on our back for decades.

Today’s voters are anxious about illegal immigration. Maybe the new administration will finally close the loopholes, and build the wall!

In conclusion, we would all be wise to join Reverend Franklin Graham in his effort to get Americans to pray and get out to vote!”

I’m just one of many American citizens who want to keep the wheels on the bus.

God Bless America again, Y’all.