South Carolina Alliance to Fix Our Roads ramps online effort to make peoples’ voices heard by state leaders

Columbia, SC– As infrastructure across our state continues to deteriorate, the South Carolina Alliance to Fix Our Roads (SCFOR) is calling on all South Carolinians to contact their elected leaders – and Demand A Plan!

During the past legislative session, thousands of people visited to make their voices heard about the terrible shape of our state’s highways and bridges. And just last week, a new report was released showing that subpar infrastructure was costing our state’s drivers in very real terms – to the tune of $3 billion annually, or roughly $1,200 per individual driver.

With the new legislative session getting underway, SCFOR is gearing up its grassroots efforts to have everyday South Carolinians begin contacting state and local leaders to tell them the cost of politics is crumbling the state’s roads. They are demanding a plan.

SCFOR Executive Director Bill Ross said that the cost of yet another year of inaction on roads was too great.

“The cost of politics is taking its toll on South Carolina drivers,” Ross said. “We all knew that South Carolina was billions in the hole on getting our infrastructure needs addressed. But last week’s study showed that failure to address roads isn’t just some pie-in-sky budget number – in fact, it is costing every driver, every day, in very real terms.”

“Our message over the coming weeks is pretty simple – South Carolinians deserve leadership on this issue. The cost of inaction is too great. We expect our elected leaders to work together with one another to give us a roads system we can be proud of, before we rank last in the nation in yet another category.”

“We’re dangerously close to our roads becoming a national embarrassment. We are hopeful that our elected leaders will listen to the people who put them in office, and fix our roads.”