The Irmo Chapin Winter Youth Tour season has just three weeks to go and there is much to report so let’s dive in.

Super Bowl Sunday turned out to be a great weather day for the Tour. Charwood Golf Club hosted the Pitner Othodontics, Midlands Electrical, and Exit Palmetto Division. This division finished play in less than two hours.

By George Bryan George Bryan Golf

Now for the lesson today requires a little background, which offers some great golf news. 

This program is unique because it is not a motor or physical skill developmental program. This golf recreational experience is a strategical-conceptual or cognitive based initiative designed to inspire the entire family to have fun participating recreationally, together. In its original design the intent was and still is to get entire families outdoors, on the course too actually learn golf while playing the game. Back then and for decades before, in other sports of baseball, football, and basketball, these games were introduced and developed, on the actual playing fields. 

I was both a part time assistant Dixie youth baseball coach during college and an umpire. I enjoyed T-ball, and coaches pitch most because I saw parents on the field, in the dugouts, and stands as fans. After few years I teamed up with Donnie Lindler of the ICRC, with Steve Gant, Richard Kohn, Jack Terrill in administrative support, to introduce golf in a similar way in our community. 

Because of the tremendous community support of this program sustained for almost 30 years with thousands of players and families, here are a couple of developmental observations: Children learn fast when they are having fun learning and they make golf seem easy, because they can learn fast. Now for the best developmental news, people with life experience, and seniors with much experience, can learn just as fast under two conditions; 1) If they have fun learning and 2) Think they can.