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Smart homes can automatically brew your coffee when you wake up in the morning, unlock the front door for the dog walker, buy milk when you run out of it, turn the lights on at dusk and turn off the A/C when no one is home.

But here’s something you’ll probably never say: “Alexa, sell my house.” Because even though it’s smart enough to operate a home, technology isn’t shrewd enough to sell one. For that, homes still require the services of a residential real estate agent or Realtor.

Agents must be as smart as the homes they represent. As agents, it’s our responsibility to understand smart home devices so that we can explain the benefits to potential buyers. Many new homes builders in the Columbia area do a good job of offering technology to their buyers and their sales representatives do a good job of explaining it to their potential buyers and their buyer agent.

Smart homes offer comfort, convenience and sustainability. But that is not the only advantage. For some buyers, financial and environmental incentives are motivational. And for others, safety is a consideration such as adding smart locks, cameras and sensors to add add a layer of security.

Obviously technology is most prevalent in new construction but it can also give an edge to older homes by making them feel more modern.

Speaking of older homes, older buyers may be concerned about operating this new technology. But the devices come with systems that are explanatory to a buyer like a wall-mounted keypad or a handheld remote control.

Finally, another concern is these devices can be hacked. Always buy from name-brand smart home products because they have security teams that are always providing updates. And don’t forget to secure your router – the first point of entry for a hacker.

So get in there and start turning your home into a smart home. Just take one step at a time and soon you will be amazed at how much freedom you have.

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