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George E. Bryan, III

The 2018 Lexington High School girls golf team is another amazing powerhouse. Last year, the team won the state championship by 49 shots. The football comparison would be a more than 10 touch down difference game.

The Wildcats recently won The Lady Blue Jacket Invitational in Aynor by 25 shots. Isabella Rawl finished first, taming the Diamond Back Golf Club with Back to Back subpar rounds of 71-71-142. Molly Hardwick placed second one shot back. Hardwick made 12 birdies and an eagle over 36 holes which is incredible.

By happenstance, I ran into freshman Wildcat Carly Vardas and Isabella Rawl at the gym and prior to training, they took time to answer my question of what was each of their favorite moment or one take away from the event.

“I had two eagle putts from 5 feet,” said Vardas.

Rawl said, “I hit a six iron from 140 yards out from behind a tree that had to go low under a tree, then hook twenty yards and that went on the green about 20 feet away.”

Emily Byers, Ellie Hardwick, Bella Bernagozzi were the other victorious team members.

I write this article from Virginia Beach Virginia and I love to throw in ideas that I think can help anyone reading this improve immediately. I’ve been playing and talking golf with my college teammate who was responsible for me being able to walk on the University of South Carolina Golf Team. This lesson is an absolute slam dunk to help you become a better player. In 1981 I had heard from George McDonald, for the fifth time in less than a year, the same reply to a simple question I asked everyone who I thought knew something about golf: “How do you become a better player faster.” Those included Larry Bosewell, Keith Wright, Tim Krapfel, and Dick Averitte.

I asked the same question to many golfers, of all skill levels, and it just so happened these individuals had the same exact answers. Mcdonald was one of the top college freshman golfers in the country and considering Tim Krapfel and Larry Bosewell and Keith right were other great players I questioned, there must be something to their answer. Dick Averitte was my very first teacher and he reinforced the exact same idea. When I decided to go with it I wasn’t far and Steve Liebler, who at the time was an All American had the same answer to my standardized question.

“Learn from good players, watch them play and practice, then do what they do,” is what each of them suggested.

Quite a bit later Dr. Bob Rotella added, “do not eat lunch with poor putters if you want to become a great one.”

Good players have a unique language they speak amongst each other. Good players have a mindset and attitude that is just different. The only way to pick up such a difference is to go find the best available player, the club champion or a just listen to how they talk about their game.

So In closing, this week’s golf tip is to just listen to what the good players have to say about mindset or attitude and compare it to what you think. Ask several of them a few of the same basic questions about your interest and see what they have to say. If you like it try it.

The Irmo Chapin Recreation Commission is taking registration for their Winter Youth Golf Tour. The program is for junior golfer and families of all ages and skill levels. The Winter Tour Registration Meeting is set for December 2nd at Seven Oaks Park. Please call the parks for more information. 803-772-3336 or 803-345-6181


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