George Bryan Golf

For many many years I have been intrigued with why people play golf. I have asked this question to thousands of people of varying skill for more than 30 years and one of the the most popular answers is, “The thrill of hitting the ball and watching it fly.” 

The lesson is simple so before every shot, occupy your mind with the fun of swinging at the ball anticipating the exhilarating feel of contact impact. 

It’s my opinion that golfers begin futuristic product based expectation thinking entirely to early in their skill development. This futuristic thinking is not recognized and it serves to impede skill development. 

The reason new golfers, and especially youth, improve rapidly in the first year or so is the focus is on what’s important, making a swing with the club at at a stationary ball. 

Speaking of the club, the PGA Show is next week and I was in the Country Club of Lexington golf shop last week when a super senior member walked in looking for a new driver. Head Professional Stephen Hartwig had this to say, “We will fit you but let’s wait until after the PGA Show before ordering. There may be some innovations revealed at the show, including new technology that could benefit your swing.” 

I completely agreed with Hartwig’s suggestion and the the main takeaway. I hope everyone understands is if the club fits, it’s easier to hit. 

Next week I’ll report in from “Demo Day” at the PGA Show so hope to have some helpful intel to pass along. 

This week on the Irmo Chapin Recreation Commission Winter Youth Golf Tour there are numerous courses, along with professionals, managers and ambassadors associated that are instrumental in the program being in its 27th year.  Matt McCarly at Camden Country Club, Chris Sparrow at Columbia Country Club, Steven Hartwig at Country Club of Lexington, E Rutherford at LinRick Golf Club, Greg McBride at The Spur at Northwoods and Young Lim at Oak Hills Golf Club.

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