George Bryan Golf Academy
George E. Bryan, III

Playing faster is better. Know why? It allows one to access their motor pattern practice investment, athletic ability, but most importantly, tap into their Personal Golf Capacity.

These are just a few benefits for there are many more I will cover in the future.

Know who the fastest players on the PGA Tour are? If you guessed Dustin Johnson and Dustin Johnson you are exactly right. And Wesley proved on Sunday during the final round by setting an 18 hole unofficial record by completing his round in 89 minutes.

“I am going to be by myself and first off,” is what he said with a smile at lunch on Saturday after his third round. With the wide smile, I knew it would be fast, but not an hour and twenty-nine minutes.

There was an article that reported it could be looked at as golfing at a pace of 13 or 14 minutes a mile, which sounds odd but it’s accurate. What was most interesting is his final round 69 was his tournament low.

So how does this happen? By playing fast, there is less time to think. The only option is to react. When we simply react, there is less time for tension. Thinking about numerous variables and taking lots of time enhances tension and breeds conscious movement. It’s optimal to quiet the conscious and recruit the subconscious which is your bodies autopilot. Autopilot allows your skills and hard work to surface and be utilized while playing.

Because this is such a novel idea, it usually needs to be learned. No matter what your skill level I strongly recommend you try the run and shoot approach just for kicks. It could take a few rounds to get used to it, but the coaches and teachers on the PGA Tour use this exercise frequently.

The Irmo Chapin Recreation Commission Winter Youth Golf Tour will get underway with its registration meeting on December 3. Children ages 4-18 can participate on the Winter Tour. Players are divided up into groups based on age and skill level. There will be a Pee Wee Division for children ages 4-6. These players will play at the GBGA Learning Center Challenger and Riverside Golf Center for their events where playing fast and having fun is the main priority. For more information please call 781-1300 or 772-3336.