George Bryan Golf Academy
George E. Bryan, III

If you are a bit frustrated after applying last week’s ideas of practicing the run and shoot idea while you are playing, it’s normal. There’s a good chance that it will take you a while to get comfortable hitting it quicker.
It’s worth the frustration, trust me.

Learning how to play without thinking will take some time but it’s the only way to consistently play at or above your normal performance capacity. Let me say this a different way; if you want to play outside, our well above your performance capacity, keep rehearsing look and react, look at the ball, then target, then swing. Or count,1-look at ball, 2- look at target, 3-look at ball, 4- swing. This would be four seconds total after counting.

No mechanical checks lists, and think about where your target is and the ball flight if any thoughts are necessary. Or think about the feeling and sound of the strike while going through you four count if you have to have an occupying thought.

Checklists and words can create tension. Even good words too large and number create excessive tension. Tension is the enemy. Tension is a performance inhibitor and this is why; your mind body connection works a bit like the Internet. When there is heavy traffic, or a weak connection, the information flow is slow. I love hitting send and hearing how fast the message goes. It’s amazing to me that as I talk on my phone to a person 2000 miles away the second I hit send, the person on the other end receives the email or text. Your mind and body can work exponentially faster and better and this is a fact. The catch is you must know how to use the mind body connection. How about this analogy; you have the option of watering your lawn two ways, so choose one; 1) taking a teaspoon at a time from the sink to the one acre front lawn or 2)using a sprinkler system, that includes irrigation heads etc. My point is the reservoir of the water resource is a constant. You have reservoir that can be difficult to access.

It has been popular for the golf industry to make everything seem so complex. Even I am guilty of this and I must confess this was weakness and a mistake. My reference to disprove the myth that the game it’s complicated was completely dispelled yesterday. I watched a brand new player, seven-year-old girl, drive a golf ball over 100 yards, right in line with the flag over the green, then later, on a different hole, chip her ball right into the cup from 20 yards away. This child was so new that she had no clue about the consequences of contact. There were no expectations of direction distance, flying or rolling. Connection was satisfying and the expression upon any contact was priceless.

Brand new, especially young players in the game have the ability to activate their creative mind with their imagination then apply and connect to movement.

Experienced players have this same capacity with connection ability but it has to be brought out of storage, updated, and renewed. In fact I will go a step further with the entire inventory in storage meaning past shots, previous performance, the more experience, the greater the inventory reservoir. There are more good shots in memory.
The trick is retrieving, then saving only what’s needed then throwing out the rest. This would be for me deleting all emails, texts, and pics I don’t need or use with my phone.
Check in next week for more on playing consistently at or outside of your performance capacity.

The 9th Annual Hope for the Homeless Golf Tournament will be held October 2, Cobblestone Park Golf Club, 12:30 pm shotgun start. Please contact Donna Martin at 803-507-3913 for more information.

The Pee Wee Golf League will be starting December 3rd along with the Irmo Chapin Recreation Commission’s Winter Youth Golf Tour. The Pee Wee golf league will be played at the George Bryan Golf Academy Challenger Course, the only course in SC that is age, skill level and time appropriate for the 4-6 year olds. The ICRC Winter Golf Tour is for player’s ages 7-18. Players will be paired in groups based on age and skill level, parents are encourage to caddie each week for their players and training for being a great golf caddie is available. For more information on these programs please contact the parks at 803-345-6181 or 803-772-3336.