George Bryan Golf Academy
George E. Bryan, III

The largest golf show on earth occurs this week in Orlando Florida and it is truly something special to attend. What’s going to make it really special is I will be with a great group of golf enthusiasts including locals Mike Ramsey, Ken Taylor, Rob Thames, Ishaan Vasudeva, Phil Canders, Chase Butler, Doug Brown, William Rainey, George Bryan IV and my daughter Mary Chandler Bryan. We comprise the Swing Balance Golf and Tsunami Bar Sports team that will introduce a brand-new Golf Fitness product line. The equipment makes the golf swing easier to feel, and the Swing Balance education trains and orients your body on what it needs to do to propel the ball.

The PGA Show is a one million square foot golf shopping mall with every imaginable, and even unimaginable golf related product available. This is where much of the new technology is unveiled, displayed and demonstrated. This event had evolved over the years into a sacred gathering ground for the game’s leaders. Traditionally it has served as the preview and showcase of golf’s cutting edge.

Flexible Bar Technology is the feature of Tsunami Bar sports. The origin of this revolutionary has military and Clemson roots. Dave Abernathy was a co-inventor of the composite Bar, referred to as “live weight”, and was the assistant strength coach at Clemson when he connected with retired Naval Captain, and composite materials expert, Gordon Brown, in a quest to pursuit explosive strength and speed safely, and created the thermal rubber-plastic composite product.

The Tsunami Bar is currently in the college and professional weight rooms all over the country. In fact, the Philadelphia Eagles, who will play the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl next week have been training with the Tsunami Bar since last summer.

One of the main missions of Tsunami Bar Sports is to convert the technology into a consumer-friendly brand usable by the youth, adults, and seniors. A family fitness and nutritional initiative are currently under construction with plans to unveil parts of the program this spring and summer.

Golf is one of the main target mediums to introduce this “path to wellness” and here is why; In 2009, I was looking closely at the students that had achieved or were currently achieving most success in the community golf programs, but specifically my golf academy, and made a couple of astonishing discoveries.  One hundred percent of the athletes in my program who engaged in the regular structured exercise were improving consistently. What really got my attention is the level of commitment to strength and conditioning related directly to those who were achieving at every level from junior to pro golf. The best players at every level were the most dedicated and committed to fitness.

In my program and student body, the players improving the fastest, having the most fun with success, and winning the most, are the ones engaged in a structured fitness program.

More next week on PGA Show discoveries.