George Bryan Golf Academy
George E. Bryan, III

Wesley Bryan, my 26-year-old son, had a rugged final nine holes Saturday during the third round of the PGA Tour Career Builder Championship in Palm Springs. This would be his second event of the 2017 season and his second missed cut. He plays this week in San Diego and I hope his next perspective is solid.

The most important shot is the next one and the most important event is the next. Especially when you have missed the cut in the one you have played.

Games and exercises you play during practice can influence the next perspective. One such game is 18 Putt and here is how you can set it up. Predetermine six holes ranging in length from one to six feet and play the same six holes three times. Play them for time first and speed second. Set up the scoring like this: -1 if the ball goes in the cup, 0 if it does not. Birdie is the best score you can make and par is the worst. There is no way to shoot over par. So if the ball misses the cup, look forward to the next hole. If it goes into the cup, for birdie, look forward to the next hole. This game allows forward thinking to become easy and natural.

Typically, the scores are low in this game so low score practice is fun. When the game is fun, we want to play it often.

Train your brain through practice to focus forward and looking back or behind you becomes a bit awkward.

In addition to recognizing the Irmo Chapin Recreation Commission Winter Youth Golf Tour juniors, we will also recognize the local youth competitive players. First, the locals who have worked hard to develop their skill. Tyler Gray of Lugoff ranks 6th, in the Boys SCJGA (South Carolina Junior Golf Association) Rankings, while Jack Parrott of Columbia is 21st and Bronson Myers, also of Columbia, is 24th. On the girls’ side to top spot goes to Gracyn Burgess of Lexington in 1st place, while Jensen Castle of West Columbia is 7th, sister Jalen Castle of West Columbia is 11th and Jordan Guyton of Columbia is 18th.

Despite the weather on Sunday, there was still a good turn-out of players on Tour and I’d like to recognize those who came out to brave the storm. The Spur at Northwoods played host to Division #1 and Aubriana Dill, Mary Katherine Dutcher, SummerBelle Fair, Kataleya Furie, Brynn Gauron, Corley Grosjean, Kaitlyn Kneeshaw, Adam Knight, Jack Perez, Will Perez and Jacob Tondini all attended! Mia Andrade, Will Barnes, Edward Doughty, Logan Farhat, Eli Gannon and “Orry” Robinson played for Division #2 at Hidden Valley. Indian River welcomed Division #3 and Bella Bernagozzi, Hannah Boyle, Kennedy Gooding, Alexis Hodge, Lizzie Madden, Ashton Porter and Meredith Price to their course. Division #4 was represented by Brad Goldstein, Blake Harth, Avery Hendrickson, Ryan Lubaczewski, Brayden Myers, Jeremy Nienhius and Will Sharpe at LinRick. Lastly, Division #5 played at Timberlake with Jeremy Boyle, Josh Coleman, John Darby, Wilhelm Elliott, Braiden Groller, Drew Johnson, Fulton Jones, Tyler Polk and Taylor Thomas all in attendance!

Mike Ramsey, Rob Thames, Phil Canders, Chase Butler, Ken Taylor and myself are heading down to the PGA Show In Orlando Florida to introduce Tsunami Bar Sports as a new Fitness-Golf Company that has “pattern support” equipment and education that can simplify golf. More next week so tune in.