George Bryan Golf Academy
George E. Bryan, III

The most important shot in golf is the current one and staying in the present, or staying in the moment, as 99.9 percent of all champions credit their success, is truly an art form that can be supported by science.

The next shot in golf is also referred to by many as the most important shot in golf. Confused? Hope so.

I have heard Dr. Bob Rotella define golf genius as one’s ability to use both logical thought and illogical thought while playing the game fluidly, as it benefits you.

Last week I made the statement that Wesley’s biggest asset is his ability to move on to the next without the previous shot, hole, or round, having influence. He was successful doing just that. On Saturday he played in one of the last groups after being in the top 5 after the first two rounds at the PGA Tours Travelers in Hartford Connecticut. His performance on the weekend did not continue and I am guessing he will bounce back this week in Washington.

The biggest draw golf has to offer is hope. We always hope our next shot will be a great one. On this premise, here is an idea that can help you better stay in the present; before each shot and after getting the yardage, assessing physical constant variables, visualize the shot you want to hit. To support the visual idea think about how the shot will feel, also think about how the shot will sound off the club face. With every brand-new shot, think of yourself as an artist with a blank canvas to draw on. Picture in full detail what you want your shot to be like. The difference between the ones who string together numerous good shots like those we see on TV and the rest as the ability to think in terms of detail and stay disciplined to this process.

Next week the topic will be on moving forward to the next.

In local junior golf players competing in the Hootie and the Blowfish Chapter Series are trying to earn a spot in the Upper and Lower State Championship held in August. There are twenty chapters throughout our state.  In the midlands, we have two chapters. The Columbia Chapter competes to go to the lower state All-Star Championship and the Tri-County Chapter competes to go to the upper state All-Star Championship. These players in the Tri-County Chapter had excellent rounds to help them earn points toward their All-Star Championships. At the Country Club of Lexington in the Girls 10-12 Division Meredith Price shot low for first with Addisyn Sease second, and in the Girls 13-18 Division, Madison Branum earned first and Marley Barefoot second. On the boys side, it was Will Ruth in first place in the 7-9 Division and Gavin Gaskins second. Liam Stilwell and Ashton Eubanks were the top two finishers in the Boys 10-12 Division, while Mavrich Mullinax and Charlie Beiers shot one and two for the Boys 13-14 Division. In the oldest boys division, ages 15-18, Carson Youngblood shot two under for first place and Blake Dimsdale came in second with an even par.