George Bryan Golf Academy
George E. Bryan, III

This week I began a series on my greatest discovery, club speed! A number of years of dedicated research combined with a group of experts and specialists along with a patented product has allowed this discovery to be revealed to me.

I got into golf late in high school and was completely stunned the weakest smallest kid in the school could hit a golf ball 20 yards farther than I could. Then I practiced with Laura Davies at Weed Hill driving range and she challenged me to a long drive contest and she hit it 20 yards by me.

So fast forward to the present; there is a highly specialized research team I have been a small part of that has allowed club speed discoveries to be made. We have been collaborating quietly and in our separate lanes for nearly three years. The team includes experts in the following areas: Composite materials, manufacturing, strength & conditioning, health science, exercise physiology, and golf. So there is information, education and a patented piece of equipment called the Tsunami Bar that exhibits the exact same characteristics of the golf club. More on this later.

Two years ago the team put the product and information into a qualified test group and results have been the fuel to accelerate timetables.

Here are some personal observations. Fact One: Distance in golf is directly related to club speed. Fact Two: Club speed is influenced more by leverage, force, and technique than by strength. Fact Three: Strength and power, as it is traditionally measured, has very little influence on the distance one can hit a golf ball.

Our research is validated by documented distance increases and backed by testimony.

Leverage and technique can now be learned effectively, but requires a conceptual understanding first, then some work is required, but club speed can be manufactured and increased through a process that next week I will talk more about.

In the Irmo Chapin Recreation Commission, Winter Youth Golf Tour is coming to the final week. In the boys and girls, competitive division players earn points based on their weekly finish. Jeremy Boyle is leading the way in the boy’s division with a point total of 127.5, Fulton Jones is 2nd with 111 points and Wilhelm Elliott is 3rd with 108 points. In the girl’s competitive division, Alexis Hodge is in 1st place with 141 points and Kennedy Gooding is in a close 2nd with 140 points and Hannah Boyle is in 3rd with 111 points. These players have one more week to accumulate points before the awards day at Charwood Country Club.