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George E. Bryan, III

What if learning golf was fun? What if practice was not just fun, but productive and highly effective?

As I sat through Marie Dawkins Gregory’s Celebrating Life service at Trinity Baptist last Sunday, I was flooded with emotion. Marie Dawkins Gregory, went to be with the Lord on October 9.

She brought her son Jeremy to one of my golf academy classes and within a month, she was teaching me how to teach. Coach Dawkins was the ultimate physical educator and not only did she earn educational honors, awards, and career achievements in physical education, and dozens of high school and middle school sports, she was a master golf instructor. Coach Dawkins coached about everything at Fulmer Middle school and taught physical education from 1978-2012. Her legacy will live on though Educational administrators, teachers, but most importantly students. Vance Redd shared at the service beautiful stories about how Coach Dawkins encouraged her while inspiring hard work.

Linda Davis, a long-time educator and friend gave a beautiful account how dedicated and loyal Marie was to Fulmer Middle School, including her heart for community service and volunteering.

Coach Dawkins not only taught me to teach, she taught each of my academy instructors how to effectively teach groups. She led the summer golf camps that each of my children participated in.

Incidentally, my children seldom had private instruction, with anyone, and all went to college to play golf.

Private instruction, in my opinion, is a bit like the concentrated sweetener, small amounts in certain foods or drinks is all that’s necessary.

Wesley, my second oldest child made it through the and then to the PGA Tour.

Just so you know and it is in plain view on the PGA Tour, LPGA Tour, and College golf, these players are almost exclusively practicing and learning in small groups. More on this in later articles.

Wesley is extremely adept at learning from and with others.

Wesley does practice alone but balances with groups. At each level, Pee Wee, Junior, college, and three levels of professional golf, his practice groups have been complimentary to his learning styles and preferences.

In my opinion, this makes perfect sense for we are created by God to be in community.

Good information applied, combined with constructive games, exercises, and group enthusiasm is a fabulous improvement package. To answer the questions I opened with, practice and learn with friends with guided structure when possible. The disclaimer, is be sure the information is fundamentally sound and structure sound.

Grow Golf Now Pee Wee League for ages 4-7, features golf 1st and only, “Age & Skill Level Appropriate Learning League conducted on a “Youth Developmental Course”- The idea and concept is exactly that of a fun park, meaning while the kids go to the playground and play on the various pieces of equipment they develop fundamental gross motor skill while having fun on the apparatus. This challenger course offers the same type feature. Players learn concepts strategies while developing skill during play. Registration is December 3 at Seven Oaks Park for more information please call 803-772-3336.

The Irmo Chapin Recreation Commission Winter Youth Golf Tour gets started December 3. The program is for players and families age 7-18. Junior Golfers will participate in 9 holes on Sunday afternoons at 3 pm with other players the same age and skill level. For more information please call Seven Oaks or Crooked Creek Park 803-772-3336 or 803-345-6181.

Golden Hills Golf Club is hosting the Jay Oriscione and Family Golf Tournament for Hope October 19 additional information, call CMC Foundation at 803-957-1048 or email [email protected]


George Bryan Golf Academy