George Bryan Golf Academy
George E. Bryan, III

Jeff Day, Shaw James, Doug Brown and my daughter, Mary Chandler Bryan, joined me on my annual golf improvement trip. The ritual started January 1, 1991. The purpose is to close the current year strong, and open the new properly. Assess, evaluate, and establish a plan for the New Year.

What’s your 2017 golf plan? Do you have goals or dreams?

I have dreams, and for me, when establishing a foundation based on dreams, it is easier to have a “long-view” perspective. This way I stay a long-term course of improvement and growth.

Because the primary objective of this article is to help you with your game, let me pass along information that could be helpful:

1 Establish your product based goals or dreams in writing, put them somewhere that you can periodically access.

2 Establish a plan for practice that will help you improve your skills, strengthen your weaknesses while maintaining your assets!

3 Monitor the process established above as there must be a system of accountability. This could be done in writing, using statistics, video, coaches, teachers or consultants.

4 Pursue the process consistently and persistently, but most importantly, intelligently.

Please believe when I say that the game of golf does not have to be as hard as the culture has made it out to be.

If you think of golf as you would think of learning how to ride a bike, or as a baby learning to walk, learning and improving can’t be easy. When you’re learning to walk, or ride a bike, small incremental steps are very easy to observe because the consequence of falling is painful! These processes reward a very small incremental approach to learning.

Next week we will continue our 2017 Developmental Series, pursuing golf goals and dreams.

Before the Christmas Holiday for the Irmo Chapin Recreation Commission Winter Youth Golf Tour had an educational event at Riverside Golf Centers Par 3 course, this educational format was to learn to play fast.  One of the groups really took advantage of the playing fast format and played 15 holes in one hour.