by George Bryan

Just prior to leaving for the PGA Merchandising Show I got an email from my editor about doing an article on the LPGA Hall of Fame. Its not coincidence that on the first day of the show, I met Hollis Stacy. The short back-story of Hollis Stacy is that she is not a member of the LPGA Hall of Fame and quite frankly this is beyond comprehension. 

Here are some relevant facts that are confusing;

• Stacy has won 21 events of which 4 were major championships. Three of these four Major’s were US OPENS. 

• Inbee Park has 17 Victories and is in the LPGA Hall of Fame. 

• There are less than 30 players in the LPGA Hall of Fame. 

• Hollis Stacy is in the World Golf Hall of Fame. 

“One of the early players, Betty Jamison, got in the Hall of Fame without an incredible resume and it upset one of the veteran LPGA Committee members. Louise Suggs was extremely mad and it from her reaction and jealousy that the early requirement standard got changed. It went to 30 wins with minimum of two majors that must be achieved before one became eligible. It’s truly unfortunate. It’s so sad because Sandra Palmer, Susie Burning and several others should be in the LPGA Hall of Fame. The standards have changed, and relaxed some but still not in the direction that helps the game of golf.” 

Even with the new standards Stacy is not in the LPGA Hall of Fame. 

Speaking of the LPGA, Lauren Stephenson of Lexington is making her rookie debut in Australia this week and when I saw her at the PGA Show she had this to say; “I am playing well, really looking forward to getting started.” 

While Stephenson gets her start this week down under in her first event as an LPGA Tour member, Wesley Bryan got his first week of physical therapy after a labrum repair. Dr Josh Dines, an orthopedic surgeon in New York fixed the tear in his left shoulder so Wesley will be out for a few months. Wesley’s siblings, Mary Chandler and George have had their labrum surgically repaired as have I. Apparently there is a genetic defect and the good news is we have all come back to play better than ever. 

On the ICRC Winter Youth Golf Tour there was a random pop up shower on Super Bowl Sunday that hampered participation but Richard Knight, Parent Leader for Herndon Chevy and On Call Plumbing, Pitner Orthodontics, Division 3 still inspired 4 players with Caddies to take on 9 holes at COBBLESTONE PARK. Ethan Budden, Charles Denny, John Jackson Jr. and Adam Knight all started in mist with clouds but finished in sunshine. The Winter Tour would like to thank all it sponsors for helping grow the game of golf by providing an opportunity for familes to spend time together on the golf course Carol French, DMD,Clemson Friends of Junior Golf,Colorglo International, GMK Associates, Greg Wych, DDS,Exit Palmetto Real Estate, Herndon Chevrolet, Jerman Personnel Services, Kleen Sites Geoservices,McClam & Associates, Midlands Electrical,O’Leary Orthodontics, On Call Plumbing, Palmetto Pediatrics & Adolescent Clinic,Palmetto Smiles Pediatric & Family Dentistry, Patriot Consulting, LLC, Pitner Orthodontics, Southern Stitches of Chapin, Turf His Way, Walker & Morgan, Attorneys at Law.

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