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Letter to the Editor:

As another concerned citizen, I would like to address Councilman Barry Walker’s and friend’s letters this past week.  Whether he writes as a ctizen, he is also an elected official, and can’t separate that fact. Someone said this smells like “small town politics”: I said no, it is “small mind” politics.  This is POLITICAL, I know that, he knows that, I am sure most all know that.  But just in case some don’t, let’s go over our history.

The SHORT AND SWEET:  We both ran for re-election in 2009, I got the most votes, Barry came in second.  We both ran for Mayor in 2011, I came in FIRST, Barry came in THIRD.  I ran for re-election in 2015, Barry supported others for Mayor and two other council seats.  In fact if you recall, he placed their political signs on a town golf cart and rode it in the 2016 Okra Strut Parade using government equipment for personal and political matters.  He had an ethics complaiint filed against him for that reason with the SC State Ethics Commission, and was found guilty and was charged a fine.  Not sure if he ever paid it.  His record of liens filed against him at Richland County is extensive, from my understanding his town council wages are garnished, for non-payment of SC payroll tax from his previous business.

I digress however, back to 2015 election.  I WON, and the two people I supported WON.  The people Barry and “friend” supported…L O S T. Some call him a poor loser or a sore loser, that is the SHORT AND SWEET of it all.  I was told by some (anonymous source) that Barry told them and some town staff that was present at the December 15th meeting, when he was asked what he intended to do now that two new people were elected and his friend was no longer involved with the Town, his answer was he intended to try to aggravate the Mayor and make his life miserable, so to speak.  That’s all he wanted to do for the next two years of his service to Irmo.

He is up for election in November, filing is in August.  Irmo deserves and needs people who want to serve Irmo, not their own selfish agenda and personal vendettas.  I know of some who are planning to file.  I hope you will support those who really wants to serve our Town. If you have any questions about serving and involving yourself in our community, feel free to contact me. I promise, I will not tell you that  “you need to wait your turn, meet the right people, and they will let you know when you can run”.

Hardy King
Concerned Citizen