Mike Fields, owner of Experimac on Bower Parkway, is now taking in all brands of computers for refurbishing and repairs.

“We’ve been asked countless times to fix this or that product and now we can offer it to our customers,” said Fields. “It’s always great to provide new services.”

The store is known for it’s pre-owned Apple products and devices which includes upgrades and repairs to laptops, phones, tablets and computers. Pricing is designed for deep discounts which results in great products for far below retail prices and each one carries with it a one year warranty on parts and labor.

“Our technicians put every device through a rigorous inspection process before it is approved in our store,” Mike said. “Only the best pre-owned products will pass our tests and qualify to be put in front of our customers.”

Talk about buying with confidence. They also offer a no-hassle 7-day return policy. If it’s not for you bring it back.

A one year warranty is pretty much unheard of in the pre-owned products industry.

“Thirty to ninety day warranties are considered generous but ours is a free one year limited warranty on computers, tablets and phones,” said Mike.

Experimac makes purchasing easy by offering 0 percent financing. Some restirctions apply but this makes it affordable to obtain those pre-owned Apple products.

For more information on the Experimac services call Mike at 803-708-1555 or visit experimac.com/northwest-columbia-sc.