The South Carolina Department of Education (SCDE) has awarded East Point Academy (EPA) with the Arts Curricular Innovation Grant (ACIG) for fiscal year 2017-2018.

The purpose of the grant is to assist schools and districts in developing and implementing arts initiatives that support quality arts education programs that significantly improve student achievement in the arts.

“I recognize the unique and remarkable amount of student participation in the grant writing process, and I am excited to see the rewards of hard work,” EPA’s Fine Arts Coordinator Jean Boiteau said.

East Point Academy arts curriculum includes music, movement, theatre, strings, and visual art for kindergarten through eighth grade. Being a Mandarin Chinese immersion school where half of the students’ day is taught in Mandarin Chinese, the arts program reinforces the language skills the students are learning in core subjects. The Mandarin-language education is carried through the arts programs. Students at EPA are not strangers to performing their unique talents learned in the arts programs for the Midlands community. The EPA Dance Team, Chorus, and Strings classes are frequent guests at area events and local schools demonstrating their talents.

The grant will be used to implement a new theater program, enhance existing arts classes, employ artists in residence, implement standards-based curriculum, and provide additional professional development opportunities for the arts staff with the ultimate goal of improving student achievement in the arts.

“I am so proud of our teachers and students,” said Mark Bounds, the EPA Head of School. “The arts play an important role here at East Point Academy. I know this grant will make our arts programs even stronger.”

Pictured is the East Point Academy Dance team performing at the SC Moon Festival. Photo by Alan Riches