There is nothing greater than giving to another person. Without giving we would not be able to get through our everyday lives. We were made to serve each another and never get tired of the balancing act of our flawed peoples. We cannot stop giving or our civilization will be no more. Stinginess cheated a lot of people from living in flying colors.

Insecurity ransacked the American people’s civil rights before a man named Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King came along. Through Dr. King all people were able to get an education to be responsive to the world to benefit it. Through Dr. King all people were able to move thru the economy to progress their families and others. Through Dr. King all people were able to vote to decide how their lives would be lived.

As a lad I listened to MLK Day speeches on the radio, live, and on TV. I observed a family friend named Dr. Melvin Howard (first person to have a doctoral degree to lead a state police agency in SC) inspire minorities who wear a Confederate Uniform to work. I witnessed Reverend Randolph Miller bring together the newly freed slave descendants of the 19th century together with the descendants of the slave owners of the 19th century in concord. This showed me that your frame of mind is unlimited with the amount of growth it can wrap up.

In the town of Chapin y’all have brought up the first African-American woman to serve on a GOP Presidential Campaign in South Carolina in Dahlia Bayoumi and her dad is the first African-American (Egyptian) to be a Dean of engineering at South Carolina. I placed Dahlia on our youth outreach crew because some people’s services ended and she was strong-minded like a superwoman. They are a realistic showpiece of Dr. King’s dream that you can find in your neck of the woods. Dr. King pushed to build the opportunity for quality of life for each person and we should make sure we strengthen our planet at all times.


Jordan Cooper