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It’s a shame. It’s a shame that the partisan media is not capable in any way of providing straight journalism.

A biased media is nothing new. The difference is in today’s world the media no longer hides their bias. President Trump is the first Republican to respond to their “news” reporting and it has pushed them over the edge, abandoning all perception of journalistic integrity.

Let’s just focus on the past few weeks to avoid this writing becoming a book.

The president blasted four members of congress (don’t want to assign them a gender) who are radical socialists that hate the very idea of America. He used the language of telling them to go back to their country. This is factually inaccurate as far as where they came from, but the point being that these radicals have chosen to live in a country that they hate.

The response? Rather than their past behavior of suggesting the president is a racist in a roundabout way, the media adopted a new language. They now refer to the president as a racist who makes racist statements. No debate necessary, it’s now a fact.

The dominant media attacks on the president intensified after he set his sights on US Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Baltimore.) Cummings has spent two and a half years ruthlessly attacking the president and his family. The president responded in-kind. He attacked Cummings for his horrid record representing the people of Baltimore. Baltimore is indeed a rat-infested, drug-infested and violent city. These are the reasons the city’s population has dropped from 1.2 million people to 650,000. The media’s coverage on this episode? OMG the president is even more racist than we thought!

Fast-forward to the recent tragic shootings. In the immediate aftermath of the shootings, the media and their Democrat accomplices blamed the attacks directly on Trump even before they blamed the guns this time. The new label for Trump is now White Nationalist.

In addition to the attacks on Trump, the dominant media is now calling anybody who supports him a white nationalist. So, 50% of the country are now white nationalists, white supremacists, racists or you name it. Never mind the fact that out of all the mass shootings which have occurred recently, the El Paso shooter was the only one who has proven to be a racist. This is a new low for the dominant media.

The media hasn’t left it there. They are also blaming the shootings and racism on “far-right” white supremacists. The fact is, throughout history, racism has been a part of leftist collectivism. The El Paso shooter, a racist, communicated in his manifesto that he is anti-corporation, believed in eliminating segments of the population to better the environment, believed in a universal income in addition to a whole host of leftist talking points. He did not state any affinity to Trump and disliked both Democrats and Republicans.

The shooter in Dayton was a self-described far-leftist who supported Elizabeth Warren for president. His classmates and friends say he has always been far-left and is for gun control. A reason for his actions isn’t really known at this time.

Yet, once again, the dominant media has declared this is all far-right racism.

The president gave a statement where he denounced white supremacy and attacks. He even proposed some things that I don’t support in the process. It was a uniting speech. After this, the New York Times messed up and gave an article a fair headline: “Trump Urges Unity vs. Racism.” Other leftist media outlets and politicians had a melt down and attacked their trusted newspaper. The Times cow-tailed and changed the headline to attack the president.

When the media pushes this propaganda, it not only presents a biased view to the country and world, it also poses a danger to the president and the people. When a large portion of the country is blamed, it becomes a safety issue. Are we going to blame the next attack on the dominant media?

This article was reprinted with the author’s permission from The Standard.

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