With the debut of Star Wars it is the perfect time for costume fans to unleash their creativity – but for one sci-fi obsessed woman, it is also the ideal opportunity for her to share her passion with her beloved pet pooch.

Doberman pinscher, Penny has donned a wide variety of outfits, from Ironman – aka Tony Bark – to Ghostbusters, to Batman, but with all the hype surrounding the new release of Star Wars, a Stormtrooper costume seemed appropriate.

Sabrina Ridlon, from California, loves dressing her dog Penny up in all manner of costumes, drawing on her love of the sci-fi genre for inspiration to create an eclectic mix of sartorial options.

‘We attended a “May the Fourth” event this year in our Stormtrooper costume and we actually had a guy stop his car in the road and ask to take her picture.

‘The Stormtrooper costume took months to build mainly because of the helmet.

‘I custom made it for Penny by sculpting it in clay then creating a mold and casting it in fiberglass.

‘After we were sure the helmet worked we started on the body making creating a pattern for her body suit then trying to get the armor design just right to allow her full movement – she even runs in it!’