School District Five of Lexington & Richland Counties celebrated the class of 2020 at each high school with a special senior parade.

“I am so excited to celebrate the class of 2020,” said Dr. Christina Melton, superintendent of School District Five. “During this crisis and health pandemic there are so many things that we could overlook and not do, but class of 2020 we see you, you are not forgotten.”

The class of 2020 was encouraged to decorate their cars and come to their school for a parade where they could pick up their graduation supplies such as their cap and gown. Irmo High senior David Graves was grateful for the event and appreciated the gesture.

“It’s wonderful actually to think about all the time they put into this. None of this had to be done, but they decided to do it from the kindness of their heart. I just wanted to say thank you from everybody, we appreciate it,” said Graves.

Dutch Fork High School and Spring Hill High School held their parades on Tuesday, April 21 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Chapin High School and Irmo High School held theirs on Wednesday, April 22 during the same time slots.

Chapin High School’s principal Michael Ames used the word celebrate when describing the event. “It’s just a chance to celebrate. They have worked for 13 years to get to this point so to give them a chance to decorate their car and talk to their friends and come pick up their stuff for graduation, it’s just a chance for them to do some celebrating,” said Ames.

Spring Hill High senior Hanna Cargill echoed those comments saying, “Today is just a celebration of making the best of the situation. I mean obviously it’s not ideal to pick up your cap and gown through a drive thru, but I think that Spring Hill and everyone else in School District Five have done a really good job of making our seniors feel special and appreciated,” said Cargill.

School District Five board chair Michael Cates loved seeing all the seniors honored and all the school spirit from each faculty. He felt confident the class of 2020 is ready for life after high school.

“The biggest thing is to know that we love you, we care about you,” said Cates. “We celebrate with you even though it looks a little different right now. We know that you have gained the skills that you need to be successful and move forward and we look forward to being able to celebrate with you along the way. You will always be part of our District Five family.”

Through a special phone message to the class of 2020 and their families, Dr. Melton reassured them that they will continue to be honored and a plan for graduation is being discussed.