To Whom it May Concern:

District 5 voted to purchase the land on Amicks Ferry Road. This was a foregone conclusion. The complete dismissal of the concerns of the community, however, was not expected, not appreciated, and not appropriate. That the many issues raised by those in attendance and by those who sent in emails or calls to Board members over the past few months were brushed off as “what they hear all the time and nothing new,” was insulting to all Chapin residents. The energy and commitment of Chapin residents was reduced to mere noise by the Board. By the way, no Board member lives in Chapin and only one Board member was interested in representing the interests of the community.

The decision is still a bad decision based on faulty information and the rigidity of the District 5 Board. The Superintendent claims there is a need now for more classrooms but any new space won’t be available for another 3 -5 years. He doesn’t know where the money is coming from to pay for the school. He doesn’t know which families will be rezoned from Lake Murray Elementary to Chapin Elementary. He is correct on one thing: there will be a need for a new school because District 5 is manufacturing the need by luring families to AFR through the prospect of a new school.

Term limits may be the only way to change the culture of District 5 which has become deaf to the communities they are supposed to serve. Next election, we all need to remember this.

Respectfully submitted,

Donna M. Elgie, Ph.D.