South Carolina’s Democratic Party has violated my right to be certified
as a candidate in the June 9 Democratic Primary. This is a violation of
my civil rights to vote and to run for office. The only explanation they
gave was that they absurdly claim I do not live in Richland County. I
came home to Columbia in February 2019. My driver’s license, car
registration and voter’s registration were issued in Richland County in
February 2019. My mail was forwarded at that time.

On March 6, 2019 SLED issued a Concealed Weapons Permit to me
showing my legal residence on Walker Street in Columbia. I have voted
4 times at Rosewood Elementary School in 2019 and 2020, including the
Democratic Presidential Primary. I paid taxes on my car and real estate
to Richland County. My son who is an officer in the United States
Marine Corps, home address is next door to mine. He is in Okinawa for
3 years but his legal domicile from where he and his wife vote is
Heyward Street. I plan to live there for the rest of my life.

There is no question that my legal residence is on Walker Street in
Columbia and that I have the right to certification as a candidate for
Richland County Coroner. I have the most experience for the job with 22
years of service as Coroner of Richland County and as 7- time president
of the South Carolina Coroners’ Association. I also have the only
education specifically for the work of a coroner. I hold a bachelor’s
degree in Criminal Justice from The Citadel. I am a recipient of the
Order of The Palmetto, South Carolina’s highest award.

The State Democratic powers to be, likely motivated by political
cronyism, claim that I do not live in Richland County. They accepted my
filing documents and $5327.62 filing fee on March 16, the day filing
opened. They cashed my check on April 5 knowing they were not going
to certify me by noon the next day. This is further evidence of a
conspiracy! The party chairman had a legal responsibility to certify me as a candidate by noon on April 6 with the state election commission.
They knew their plot and scheme from the day I filed but said nothing to
me until 4:10 on April 6 after the election commission deadline.

Trav Robertson, chairman of the South Carolina Democratic Party, will
not say who made this decision, just they do not like the fact that I have
my campaign office just across the river from downtown Columbia. My
security camera captured and by chance a witness watched a man
(working for my opponent) placing a GPS tracking device under my car
at 4 am on the morning of September 25 last fall. I have the device.

From my Walker Street home or my West Columbia office I can
respond to a coroner’s call in down town Columbia, Forest Acres,
Hopkins, Eastover or Gadsden in one third of the time it would take the
current coroner living in Chapin to respond.

Frank E. Barron III
Coroner of Richland County (22 years)
7-Time President of SC Coroners’ Association
Graduate of The Citadel, bachelor’s degree Criminal Justice
Order of The Palmetto Recipient
P O Box 5285, Columbia, SC 29250