Open Letter

When a highly regarded former superintendent described the atmosphere in our community as a witch hunt, he wasn’t calling anyone a witch. 

Rather he was referring to the unprofessional and unjustified harassment D5 school leaders were being subjected to at that time.

He was right, and that sad witch hunt is still meandering around with hollow allegations. 

We still see their leaders at School Board public participation and in letters to the editor.

Mr. Loveless’ recent diatribe targeting D5 in this paper suggests he has joined the witch hunt.  

His letter danced around with feigned outrage, claims he was embarrassed by D5 leadership, and a few hollow allegations. 

It revolved around the new school planned for Amick’s Ferry Road. I understand he opposes it.

But that was settled before the last election, and D5 is moving forward.

Over the last 25 years as a taxpaying D5 parent, PTSO President and SIC Chair, I’ve learned first hand that D5 leaders welcome reasonable questions and constructive criticism. 

Remember, I have never called anyone a witch, and I have never suggested everyone who criticizes D5 is in the witch hunt.

But, there are some witch hunt leaders who continue to abuse established processes and obstruct responsible progress.

I hope Mr. Loveless gets over his outrage and embarrassment and will support our school system rather than launch hollow allegations.

And, I hope all Board members rise above this witch hunt to work in the best interests of our children, our schools and our community.

Paul DuPre

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