We are in such a different environment today in regards to the real estate business.  

First of all, real estate in this area has been declared an Essential Business.  Therefore, we can continue to list and sell.  However, the way we do it is changing.  Sellers, of course, are concerned about letting people enter their home during this time.

We, as Realtors, are finding different ways to market properties.  Virtual tours are being done to send to buyers.  If a seller is cautious and doesn’t want someone to enter to do a virtual tour, they can do one themselves with Facebook Live.

If we have buyers who are on a time crunch to find a property, we will show them but we will do it with different procedures.  We can meet at the property instead of riding together.  We have our disinfectant for door handles, lockboxes and surfaces with us. We have our gloves on and ask the buyer to use gloves also.  Depending on how you feel about masks, we can offer them to buyers.  Once inside the property, we will use our social distancing procedure.  

We can write offers and get listings via the internet with digital signing.  In fact,last week in 7 days, 242 homes went under contract and 249 homes were listed.

Attorneys are only allowing the buyer or the seller to be at the closing table.  We Realtors are in the parking lot with waiting for our clients to come out with a smile on their face.  

Remember, this is NOT a housing crisis or recession.  This is a medical situation we will get through.  So support our business and we will support you in buying or selling.

Stay safe, use CDC precautions and practice social distancing.  We will get through this and come out better at the end.

Nancy Nelson-Embler JP & Associates Realtors

If you have any questions, please contact me:  Nancy Nelson, JP & Associates Realtors.  Call or text me at 803-331-0635 or email me at:  [email protected].