By Sydney Amodio


Dr. Michelle Fox uses a new chiropractic technique, the Torque Release Technique.

The chiropractic field conjures images of mechanical adjustments to spinal joints done by hand, but a new 21st Century Chiropractic technique involves a less invasive method to correct primary subluxations—the Torque Release Technique. Fox of Stay Tuned Chiropractic in Columbia employs this method in her work.

Dr. Michelle Fox of Stay Tuned Chiropractic. Photo courtesy of Fox.

Less common than other methods, TRT is a tonal model that looks to restore to normal nerve frequency through detection of dysfunction in the nervous system and spine, and then deliver corrective adjustments using the first FDA approved instrument for the correction of vertebral subluxations, The Integrator.

“Interference in the nervous system is expressed as dysfunction. When the brain cannot properly send signals down the spinal cord, through the spinal nerves to all the organs and tissues of the body, you can’t possibly have optimal function. For example, muscles in the back or organs in the body may not be getting appropriate nerve flow and many different kinds of symptoms can result,” Fox said. “Normal nerve conduction is known to flow at specific cycles per second. Healthy nerves fire at 5, 10, 20 Hertz or multiples thereof. Torque Release allows restoration of normal frequency by decreasing and/or eliminating abnormal tension or torsion in the nervous system.”

Fox utilizes research validated state-of-the-art technology, called the Insight Subluxation Station, to examine patients for nerve interference. Three specific tests, Heart Rate Variability, Surface Electromyography and Thermography, create a COREScoreTM result which is an indication of a patient’s overall nervous system health.

According to Holder Research Institute, “TRT focuses a lot of attention to the strategic and vital connection points between the spinal cord and spinal column. As we gently and methodically adjust these areas of your spinal cord, we are changing the degree of tension in the central nervous system in an effort to change the ‘notes’ that result.”

Fox also employs Auriculotherapy on a case by case basis.

“Auriculotherapy focuses on the cranial nerves and cervical ganglia that can be accessed through the ear. I use an instrument called Stimplus Pro to detect where there are problems in the body and then deliver an electrical stimulation for correction of nerve interference,” Fox said.

Fox is National Board Certified in chiropractic and physiotherapy. In 1998, she was certified in Child Brain Development at the Intermediate Professional Mother level, by the Institute for the Achievement of Human Potential in Wyndmoor, Pennsylvania. She is originally from New York, graduated Life University in Marietta, Georgia, and moved to Columbia in 2014 after marrying Steve Fox. They opened the practice in April 2015 and she and her husband, a colonel in the South Carolina State Guard, have six children.

Fifteen years ago, Fox was a chiropractic patient herself. Being physically active for years in softball and track took a toll on her body. She began experiencing back pain in her mid-30’s and eventually looked to chiropractic for help.

“I’ve been there,” Fox said. “My chiropractor changed my life. I went from not being able to stand up, walk or hold my infant son, to in a year being able to do whatever I wanted.”

In April 2008, she assisted her chiropractor, Dr. Dean DePice, on a ChiroMission trip to the Dominican Republic where a team of chiropractors set a Guinness World Record for the number of adjustments performed in a few days. She then decided to enter the profession.

“I’ve seen thousands of patients get well. I’ve seen it, lived it. That’s where my inspiration came from,” Fox said. After seven years of serving in the profession she went back to school for her doctorate degree in Marietta.

In December 2014 she published a peer reviewed research paper in Annals of Vertebral Subluxation Research about a patient with ADHD and migraine headaches. She submitted a second paper for publication, currently under review, about improvements in a patient with Scoliosis.

“Research reveals a vast amount of case studies and a few randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled clinical trials, showing chiropractic to be beneficial for patients with many conditions,” Fox said. “Issues such as ear infections, acid reflux, ADHD, addictions, headaches, and the traditional neck pain, back pain, and radiating leg pain have been helped. Children also greatly benefit from it. Let’s be clear – chiropractic doesn’t say it cures anything, but Torque Release chiropractic helps to re-establish proper nerve flow, then the body knows how to heal itself from the inside out.”

Fox hopes the practice will expand to other areas in and around Columbia, but said it is still in its growing phase.

“If you’re a good doctor – you’re a good teacher and student as well. We learn from our patients all the time, and being out in the community helps us connect with the best way to serve people,” Fox said.

Fox encourages individuals who have tried everything from drugs to physical therapy to try chiropractic.

“I would tell people to find out more information before you harbor a fear that is unfounded,” Fox said. “It is best to utilize chiropractic for overall maintenance of optimal health and wellness, but if you are hurting, and nothing else has worked for you, what do you have to lose?”

Stay Tuned Chiropractic is at 6148 St. Andrews Road, Columbia.

Photo: A close-up of Fox performing a Torque Release Chiropractic adjustment to the neck area of a female patient. Photo courtesy of Fox.