A Q&A with Mason Holley

What are your goals in terms of being a GICC Board Member?

I look forward to getting more involved in this great community we live in, and hopefully contribute to the efforts the GICC is putting forth to make it even more special. I think it is important to support organizations whose mission and purpose is to enhance and promote the community. The greater Irmo area has so much to offer with great schools, a serene river, shopping, beautiful parks, Lake Murray and wonderful people.

Why do you believe businesses and individuals should get involved with The Chamber?

I think it really comes down to building new relationships and friendships. The people you meet through social events and other programs may or may not do business with you, but the emotional and social return of building some long term relationships with people you might not meet in the ordinary course of your day, could provide many benefits outside of a financial return. However, from a purely business prospective, being a member of the Chamber allows some face to face visibility with your local community that could help create some customer loyalty and brand equity. Also, considering the high costs of marketing today, being a member of the Chamber allows for a wide-range of affordable advertising options and sponsorship opportunities as well as non-paid options such as monthly newsletters, social media and various printed materials.

What is your favorite GICC event?

Being new to the Chamber, I have not had a chance to experience and enjoy all the numerous events they sponsor. I certainly have enjoyed the breakfasts and luncheons, and am looking forward to some of the big annual events in the coming months. I recently participated with a team in the first annual cornhole competition and had a blast! We are already looking forward to next year’s event!

What do you like most about Irmo?

Irmo really has so much to offer it is difficult to narrow it done to one thing really. The rivers are great for floating, kayaking or fishing, but I have to say Lake Murray steals the show for me. It is such a beautiful and expansive lake, I feel like it is the crown jewel of the area. One of my favorite activities is paddle boarding on the lake, especially early in the morning. The natural beauty and peacefulness is hard to match!

What motivated you to become a board member?

When I first moved to the area, I did not think I would be here long term. However, Irmo is home for me now, and I really wanted to become more involved in the community in which I reside. I was born and raised in a very close-knit community and see real benefits when people and business come together and are actively involved in supporting their community.

How did you first get involved with The Chamber?

Many years ago, I was heavily involved with the Jaycees (Junior Chamber) in another city. We had a great time sponsoring events and programs that really had a positive impact on the area by bridging business, social activities and local community. Now that Irmo is home, I wanted to get involved here as well. After several discussions with Jeremiah Davis, a good friend and current Chairman of the GICC, I bought into the vision and realized the Chamber was definitely an organization I needed to get involved with and support. I very much look forward to continuing to serve and contribute anyway I can and encourage local businesses and individuals that are not currently members to check it out. I think you will like what you see!