America is just four weeks away from its own destruction when Lib/Dems take over the House of Representatives. They will have two drums to beat. The first is to impeach President Donald Trump.

Unfortunately, most Americans think that impeachment means finding a person guilty of specific crimes. Actually, to impeach our president, a majority of the House of Representatives must be able to prove that he committed specific high crimes and misdemeanors. Once this has been done, the impeachment case moves to the Senate, who in turn acts as the jury. The House acts as prosecutor.

This is the same way Bill Clinton’s impeachment trial preceded. In his case, the Senate, after hearing the House evidence, found Clinton not guilty. Hence, should the House present evidence of high crimes and misdemeanors, they will vote to impeach President Trump. The Senate will then hold an impeachment trial in the Senate chamber, which will then conclude with a vote of not guilty because the House evidence is not backed by specific provable evidence.

So where is America now. Congress has wasted almost 2 years and $25 million dollars to prove absolutely nothing of substance against President Trump. This includes the fact that the Robert Mueller investigation has been unable to prove any collusion between Russia and President Trump.

The second Lib/Dem drum to beat is climate change. What we do know is that over the past two years, America has significantly reduced its carbon dioxide and will continue to do so. As you’ve seen in the past two weeks, France has been in a state of war. France President Macron has promoted a major increase in the automotive fuel tax-up to over $7/gal. Because he can’t point to any tangible benefit to French citizens, the country is in a state of rebellion. This has forced Macron to cancel the big fuel tax increase. With the world’s major nations (except the USA) signing on to the Paris Temperature Accord, they plan to save the world. However, Russia, China and India state they won’t start reducing CO2 until 2035, which means that they plan to actually do nothing. They get away with this by claiming that they are developing nations.

So what’s the real reason behind the big push to reduce global warming. It’s a George Soros plan to totally destroy capitalism and specifically America. Why? So the whole world will become a dictatorship of the proletariat. Remember George Orwell’s book 1984. That’s what Soros and his open society have in mind for us. To make this happen, he must destroy American capitalism first. Notice how many new politicians are promoting Socialism. (Communism spelled backward)

Don Carlson


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