Letter to Editor


In an open letter of August 2,2018 to the Lake Murray News, Charles Rogers stated, “Mr. Carlson, when will your mistreatment of the truth ever stop?”

This is a take-off of the old legal question, “When did you stop beating your wife?” The implied supposition being that you started beating her in the first place. My crime according to Mr. Rogers, was my statement that former CIA Director John Brennen had been a Communist party member until 1980. Per Mr. Rogers, “Every fact check investigation on the matter (and there have been a few) have made this point clear as what is fact that he has never been such.”

Mr. Rogers would have you believe that all fact checks are exculpatory in nature. In reality, most fact checkers are Liberal political hacks who can’t ever spell the word veracity.

Mr. Rogers states, “The Trump Foundation has been sued by New York prosecutors on various counts,” (with no specifics being mentioned). Mr. Rogers, when will your misstatements of the truth stop. As any first year law student knows, being sued is not an admonition of guilt. An example of this is the following: 12 children sued President Trump for allowing climate change to destroy the planet and by implication their lives. The nefarious 9th circuit court in northern California found Trump guilty.

However, as has happened in 73 percent of 9th Circuit Court findings, they were reversed on appeal, as they were in this case. So what’s Mr. Roger’s real purpose in attempting to publicly eviscerate me. It’s a means to use me as a leftwing Lib club with which to categorically criticize our President.

So what about John Brennen. He is a congenital liar who has lied repeatedly to both houses of Congress, the President and most importantly, to we, the American people. So, Mr. Rogers, your fact checking is only an expression of terminological inexactitudes but please don’t give up on the tooth fairy, it’s all you have left.


Don Carlson