By:  Victoria Martain

Irmo Lock Company has extensive experience with helping people in the Irmo community with any needs they have concerning locks, as well as special security safes.    The store’s owner, Skey Caskey says that his company is focused on helping customers make sure that their property is secure.

“We sell peace of mind, as security goes”, he says.

Caskey, who is a native of West Columbia, started out working as a store manager of Ace Rental store and came into the locksmith profession when a friend of his needed help with his West Columbia locksmith company, Key and Saw Shop.  He went on to establish Irmo Lock and Company in 1989.   The store has a staff of 8 people, including Caskey’s son, son-in-law, and wife.

They all have a combined total of 85 to 100 years of experience as locksmiths. His son, Guy, just finished his tour of duty as a Navy SEAL and has returned to help his father run the store.  Caskey says that in time, Guy will take over the company.  The store mainly deals with the sell and repair of locks, as well as the sale of safes for guns, jewelry, and other valuable items.

When asked what type of experience customers can expect with Irmo Lock Company, Caskey says, “The satisfaction of knowing they’re the only ones that have locks to the doors that they want to lock”.

Irmo Lock Company has two upcoming promotional offers.  The first one is called Safe on Sale, where the store has a special sale on their safes.  The second promotional sale is their rekeying promotion, where people can come and get their locks rekeyed for as low as $60.

One thing that Caskey is most thankful for, is the people who keep coming through his doors.

“We’re just grateful for our customers who’ve been with us for the past 26 years.”, he says.

In appreciating his customers, he also wants them to be aware of the false locksmith companies that may try to deceive them in thinking that they can offer them a good deal, or even worse, impersonate Irmo Lock Company.  He wants people to be sure to use his company’s exact name in a google search and to avoid calling 1-800 locksmith companies.

Irmo Lock Company can be contacted at 781-9447.