Open Letter


Dear Editor:

How best to spot an insufferably delusional Liberal


Their logic is derived from George Orwell’s 1984! No means Yes and Yes means anything you want it to be. Example, “Great News. the price of coffee has just been reduced to $4 a pound”. However, the actual price before the good news was $3 a pound. It’s within this context that I read Allan Ladd’s 11/24 letter.

To start with, it’s obvious that Mr. Ladd has not taken the time to read our Constitution. Specifically, Article III which spells out in sections 1,2, and 3 the responsibilities and procedures of the Supreme Court. Thus, the Constitution itself totally contradicts Mr. Ladd’s statement that, “They (Congress) did not assign a roll to the High Court”. Mr. Ladd would have you believe that the members of the Supreme Court sat around for 11 years, just waiting for John Marshall to show up and tell them what to do. If those members of the Supreme Court were alive today and read Mr. Ladd’s latest letter, I’m sure they would say, “Mr. Ladd, you are (you can fill in the rest of the sentence).

Mr. Ladd then wrote, “The things he (Carlson) wrote were not in dispute therefore are meaningless”. If facts or (truths) are meaningless, what is meaningful – lies and deception! Oh, and by the way Mr. Ladd, if America was a Democracy as you claim, Hillary would now be President Elect. Thank heaven you were wrong again. Another of your obfuscations was, “When America moved beyond a Republic to a more populated and complex society, we became a Democracy”. I asked you to tell me just when and how legally this took place.- No response from you as your postulation never took place.

Years ago, my father said to me, “Don, sooner or later in your life, you will be confronted by a babbling donkey.” Now, I’ll have to admit it Dad, you were correct. So, Mr. Ladd, I’ll not respond to any more of your lubricious prating. Have a nice day!


Don Carlson