I saw some angels today; as I began my routine travel for the day. The angels I saw had no wings, but they were there just the same. I saw an angel without wings in the Lowman Nursing Home; who was cheering up a resident who was sad and forlorn. Although the skilled nurse was paid to be there; she wasn’t required to render this degree of love and care. I said to myself, “what a beautiful thing,” to see an angel with no wings.

I was in the First Citizen’s Bank to deposit a check when I noticed a senior citizen who needs some help. Before I could walk over to offer her a helping hand; a young man had walked over and said, “can I help you, ma’am?” She smiled as she took hold of his hand and together they walked up to the bank teller’s stand. He told her he would hold on to her arm until she signed her deposit slip; and she looked at the young man and said, “Thank you,” with smiling lips. As I looked on I said, “what a beautiful thing,” to see an Earthen angel without any wings.

I went by the Oliver Gospel Mission to drop off some canned goods, and in my heart this made me feel good. To know I had helped someone less fortunate than me; as I said only in America could this be.

As I walked by the mid-day soup line; I saw a Master-in-Equity Judge, who was a personal friend of mine. He was dipping up soup and filling the bows as the mission people came through the soup line; and I said to myself, “I’m glad the judge is a friend of mine.” I once again said, “what a beautiful thing,” to see and earthen angel without any wings.

I next went to the Food Lion Grocery store; to pick up a broiled chicken that was ready to go. As I was departing I saw a lady in a wheelchair at the card rack, and she had a dozen or more cards in her lap. Her hands were trembling as she was reading the cards, and I thought to myself this looked kind of odd. I stopped and was about to go over and pick up some cards that had fallen from her lap on the floor, but before I could there was an employee there from the store.

I watched as the store employee pick up the cards of the floor; as she smiled at the lady and said, “Don’t worry,, this has happened to me before.” She noticed that the lady’s hands were trembling as she sat there; and before I could blink, the employee had pulled up a chair. She looked at the lady and said, “You can look at the cards, as I read them and you can tell me the ones you like, and I’ll take your credit card to the cashier and make sure everything is right.”At this point, I had a heavy heart as I walked away thinking about how that store employee made the lady’s day. Again I said to myself, “what a beautiful thing,” to see a human-angel without any wings.

I returned home, got me a cold beer, and once again said to myself, “Life is a beautiful thing, to know we have so many wonderful angels on earth, who fly without any wings.”

Dr. Carlos W. Gibbons