An open letter to Mayor Hardy King and members of Irmo council

Mr. Mayor and members of the council, this letter is a personal plea from myself on behalf of a citizen in this community. My plea is that in this period of holy reverence and at a time of giving that you give the woman this community knows as the carport lady permission to build the carport she so urgently needs and by the laws of this land is entitled to have.

She has waited two years since the time she came before council and requested consideration of her request for an exception (variance is the legal term) that would have afforded her safety as she came and went from her home where she lives alone. During that two-year period of waiting, she suffered mental anguish and she experienced physical pain and suffering by falling during periods of inclement weather.

The settlement DOJ proposed would have allowed her to build the carport and it would probably be in service today had council accepted and agreed to the terms specified in that proposal. But for whatever reason council decided to let the issue be heard in district court. That decision be it a good or bad decision means a delay for building the carport which extends at least through March and probably to sometime late spring.

The delay has a significant impact on the woman. It means that she will be at personal risk in the months ahead which are the winter period. The time when she most needs the carport if she is to live safely and free of trepidation free of uncertainty for her personal safety. No small matter in anyone’s book,

In my judgment, allowing her to avoid the wait until spring is the moral thing to do and it is the right thing to do. I am certain the legal minds who are advising council would take exception – lawyers usually do not think in abstract terms of moral or right so I would discount their advice but that is me!

Please! I beg of you, give this woman a Christmas present from the people of Irmo and do it forthwith.

Patrick Donlon

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