Letter to the Editor

Mr. Mayor, I read with interest what seems to have become your campaign material for reelection in the form of letters to THE IRMO TIMES. These puff pieces have all the RaH! RaH! Aspects of why it is great to live in Irmo. The underlying theme of these letters being that anyone who observes and comments on issues unfavorable to the town or to the mayor is a “complainer and is someone who searches for any straw however lacking in substance the straw might be”.

Those of us who want to live in a community which considers each citizen to matter are shocked and saddened by events of the past three years which have been moved to federal court where DOJ has filed suit stating that the town of Irmo has denied the carport lady her rights as a handicapped person. Yes! The town is among the top 20 best places to live in SC or is given that designation by chambers of commerce. Does it cause you to pause and wonder how bad the other places can be in light of Irmo’s willingness to spend a ton of money to make this woman live in fear of going and coming from her home? Designation of Irmo as among the best places to live by the chambers of commerce leaves me confused and bewildered.

Anyone following events in federal court has seen the filing this week by DOJ (  3:18-cv-03106-JMC     Date Filed 06/21/19    Entry Number 29-1  ) which in very strong terms alleges that the town has refused to supply information and has done things contrary to rules of the court in an effort by the town to prolong and avoid progress in this needless legal battle; DOJ uses this statement “Having attempted in good faith and failed, under Local Rule 7.02, to resolve this discovery dispute”.  Shame on the town!

In your letter, you state that no youth has been ticketed for mowing lawns or for soliciting, but you fail to mention that abatement notices were given to residents for having carports 15 years or more when there was the realization that allowing those carports would be detrimental to the town’s irrational effort to deny a carport to a handicapped person – not something to be proud of, nor to strengthen the case for pillorying this lady!

No! Mr. Mayor, with all due respect for your effort to be reelected. I cannot in good conscience buy into the argument of Irmo being a good place to live; not while a handicapped citizen is tormented as this woman has been. A town so ready and willing to go to great lengths to thwart the intent of ADA is not a town with a heart. To say the town has no heart is quite damning and is a charge not made lightly.

Patrick Donlon

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