The campaigning efforts of Mark Pouliot and Hardy King essentially and foolishly suggest;

‘ Irmo does not need a 5 member council. A Mayor and two Council members are sufficient to govern Irmo and adequately represent ALL the people ‘

Mr. Pouliot’s re-election brochure specifically promotes Hardy King, Julius Waites, and Mark Pouliot as a threesome, which should be elected as a threesome to Town Council, and effectively create a ‘like-minded’ 3 member Council. Hardy King has promoted the three on his ‘Hardy King’ website. It is reasonable to conclude that these three candidates share their myopic view of Irmo, and have already agreed to support each other’s views of Council activity.

If elected, what would this accomplish? The threesome would vote in tandem for Council action essentially making the other Council member seats meaningless; meaning the other two Council member’s opinions and votes would have no effect on Irmo Government because they would (same as today) be consistently outvoted 3 – 2 (same as today).

It is intuitively evident that only a PORTION of Irmo residents would be represented on the Town Council if this ‘threesome’ is re-elected. Their voting record and support for suppressive new and/or amended ordinances, speaks for itself.

It seems unusual for Town Council candidates to actively and openly campaign together as a ‘group’. Apparently it is not illegal, although by Law local elections are ‘non-partisan’, but voters can handle the issue by NOT voting for ANY of ‘the threesome’.

Hardy King
Mark Pouliot
Julius Waites

Joe Nash