1. Use the time to update your website.
  2. Check in with your employees; make a personal call to each employee asking how they are doing and if there are any resources they need in order to work virtually.
  3. Post on your social media sites how clients can reach you and how your company is approaching working virtually.
  4. Send a hand-written note to people that have supported you along the way or served as an advocate for your business.
  5. Reach out to each client if possible. Find out how you can support them during this time.
  6. Have a virtual planning session with staff and brainstorm ideas to market your business.
  7. Develop or update a five year plan.
  8. Share posts from other local businesses!
  9. Do your taxes.
  10. Complete the Census at 2020Census.Gov.
  11. Listen to free E-Books for 30 days on Audible.com.
  12. Host a Virtual Event where you share your services or products.
  13. Provide a #TipoftheDay on Facebook or Instagram Live.
  14. Write positive reviews for your clients and fellow businesses.
  15. Search for online certifications to help build you and your company as the top resource in your industry.
  16. Sign up to receive discounted books at bookbub.com.
  17. Learn something new from one of the 11,000 lectures at The Great Courses Plus – free online for one month!
  18. Conduct an audit of your social media accounts.
  19. Update your company Brand & Style Guide.
  20. Highlight how your company can help during the pandemic; create useful content and communicate the services your company can provide.
  21. Provide a unique discount for your services during this time as a way of showing that you know how difficult this time is for other businesses.
  22. Test and refine your search engine optimization.
  23. Give Back. Share how your company and employees are helping others during this time.

Ashley Hunter is the CEO and Founder of MPA Strategies, a full-service public relations company. MPA’s creative approach to traditional public relations services are what make our team stand out. We offer our clients a wide range of services, including: direct community advocacy, digital marketing, media relations, membership drives, project funding and procurement, social media management and special events planning. Our goal is to eliminate the time you have to spend promoting yourself and instead, allow you to focus on providing core functions to your organization. Find out more at www.mpastrategies.com.